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Chambers Social Responsibility - Heart of the City

Chambers Social Responsibility
Following our recent event on Chambers Social Responsibility, we draw your attention to Heart of the City, a London-based support network that helps businesses to jump start their responsible business programmes.  Barristers chambers are very welcome to apply, and last year a large set in Lincoln’s Inn participated in this programme.  Through their FREE one-year Newcomers programme (Jan-Dec 2018), Heart of the City provides members with the tools and knowledge needed to develop a responsible business strategy and initiatives through their calendar of events, online resources and access to their network of supporters.   Heart of the City is a charity led by the Lord Mayor of the City of London and the Governor of the Bank of England.  Heart of the City say that “if you are keen to develop your support for your people, your local communities and the environment”, then please contact them by email, phone 0207 332 3643 or register your interest and a member of their team will get in touch.  Applications for the 2018 Newcomers programme close on 8 December 2017.