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Careers Booklet for Students

Careers at the Chancery Bar

The Chancery Bar Association has produced a booklet, Careers at the Chancery Bar, which describes in detail the work of the Chancery Bar and the route to becoming a specialist barrister in this field.

You can find the booklet by clicking here.

Amongst other things, it describes:

  • the training needed to become a barrister;
  • the skills needed to act in Chancery cases;
  • the financial opportunities;
  • what the life of a Chancery pupil is like.

The booklet also includes a number of case studies written by members of the ChBA from a wide variety of backgrounds, who explain the work that they do and their motivation for committing to such a career.  For prospective pupillage applicants, there is a comprehensive list of Chancery chambers to which applications can be made.