International Events

When the Chancery Bar Association visits another jurisdiction it will usually run a conference or seminar aimed at the local legal profession with a number of UK based members speaking on topical legal issues.

In May 2018 the Chancery Bar Association held a one-day conference in Shanghai at the Fairmont Peace Hotel.  The event was organised with the support of the Shanghai Bar Association and Shanghai Law Society.  The programme showcased the width and depth of expertise at the Chancery Bar, particularly with regard to commercial dispute resolution.  Further, in advance of the conference we were in touch with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Shanghai and Beijing and the Great Britain China Centre.  The FCO and GBCC were both very excited by the ChBA's initiative to hold a significant event of this nature in Shanghai.  This is because there is a clear demand and opportunity for co-operation between China and the UK in relation to commercial dispute resolution, particularly in the light of China's focus on the "Belt and Road Initiative" to reinstate/create East/West trading routes.  We were delighted to hold such a successful event in Shanghai and, together with last year's conference in Hong Kong, this has given the ChBA a real profile in China which we will be able to build on for the future.  To read the full conference programme click here.

In October 2017 we held a conference in Gibraltar, which was organised with the support of Chief Justice Anthony Dudley and the General Council of the Bar in Gibraltar. In November 2016 we went to Guernsey and Jersey and, earlier in 2016, we visited the Cayman Islands for our third Cayman Conference.

In March 2015 the ChBA held a Joint Conference with the Singapore Academy of Law on "Equitable Remedies in Commercial Litigation".  The venue for the Conference was the Supreme Court Building in Singapore.  This Conference followed the very successful 2013 Conference between the ChBA and the Singapore Academy of Law on "Finance, Property and Business Litigation in a Changing World".

The ChBA has established a placement scheme for Caymanian articled clerks to spend time in members' chambers.  For more information, please click here.

If you wish to speak on a suitable topic at an overseas event, then please email Francesca Compton at

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