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Civil Procedure Rule Committee - Open Meeting

The CPRC will be holding a public meeting on Friday 17th June 2016 at the Ministry of Justice.  If you wish to attend the meeting please complete and return the application form by Friday 27 May.  Please note that the meeting will follow its usual format in that the Committee will conduct its usual business followed by a question and answer session.  If you would like to submit questions please note them on the application form. Please note the Committee can answer questions relating to government policy only insofar as the question relates to implementation of that policy in the rules.

In the autumn the Committee will be looking at ways of reducing the volume of the CPR.  If you have any thoughts on how this might be achieved the Committee would be pleased to receive them.  Such comments do not need to be included with the application form but please send before by 27 May 2016.  If time permits the Committee may also wish to raise the matter before or after the question and answer session.

Any questions, please email Jane Wright, Secretary to the Civil Procedure Rule.