Notice of AGM 2023


will be held on:

MONDAY, 3 JULY 2023 at 5pm

For the purpose of:

  1. Noting the Minutes of the 2022 Annual Meeting.  Copies will be available in advance by email.
  2. Receiving the results of the election of Officers and ordinary members of the Committee for the coming year.
  3. Receiving a report from the Chair.
  4. Receiving a report from the Treasurer.
  5. Receiving, considering and (if thought fit) approving the accounts for the period 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022.  Copies will be available in advance by email.
  6. Noting the unchanged subscriptions for the year 2024 (£130 for London Members, £80 for Regional Members).
  7. Considering a proposed resolution in the following terms:

That the Rules of the Chancery Bar Association be amended with immediate effect.  Copies of the amended rules will be available in advance by email or upon request.

Note to Members
At the Black Inclusion Group Report launch in December 2022, the point was made that the work and career opportunities presented by the specialist bar was less obvious to many aspiring barristers because of a lack of knowledge and appreciation of the nature of the work undertaken.

In order to promote Chancery work amongst those contemplating a career at the bar, it is proposed to allow students to join (free of charge) and participate in Chancery Bar events (in the latter case upon such terms as the Committee may decide) until the earliest of a series of specified events, namely the conclusion of pupillage, the expiry of a period of seven years, the commencement of employment as an employed barrister or (as with all categories of membership)  expulsion under rule 16. Student members would not be entitled to attend a general meeting and would be ineligible to vote on any resolution.

By this route, it is hoped that the work and breadth of a career at the Chancery Bar might receive a broader audience. The proposed amendments have been endorsed by the Committee.

 8. Any other business (at the discretion of the Chair of the meeting).


Anna Markham
Honorary Secretary
27 June 2023

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