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Specialist Pupillage Checklist: Chancery (2019 Update)

Attention all pupil supervisors

From 1 September 2019, pupillages are to be assessed by reference to the Threshold Standard and Competences specified in the Professional Statement and the BSB will no longer be requiring pupils to complete the general or specialist checklists.

However, the Chancery Bar Association believes that a specialist chancery checklist (incorporating some parts of the general checklist by reference) will assist in ensuring that pupils at chancery sets are trained to meet those competencies in the context of the core elements of chancery work. Those competences particularly relevant to each section of the checklist are set out in the headings.

The Chancery Bar Association will, therefore, continue to update the Chancery checklist. Chancery chambers offering a highly specialised pupillage should consider preparing their own checklists in conjunction with the Bar Council.

You can download a copy from the professional guidance pages here.