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Wellbeing - Best Practice Policy

Members of the ChBA and their staff spend many hours at work. The work is often demanding and pressured and can be isolating. There can be a heavy weight of responsibility involved, particularly for junior barristers who are only just entering the profession and may very quickly have sole conduct of cases which have significant ramifications for their clients. This makes chambers an important setting to ensure best practice in maintaining health and wellbeing. An unhealthy lifestyle may lead to ill-health, days absent through sickness, lost productivity and reduced ability to concentrate or work at all. The focus of the Chancery Bar Association and Institute of Barristers Clerks on health and wellbeing aims to improve the way that barristers and their staff manage their relationships and consequently improve their health and productivity. This policy is not intended to be exhaustive but is designed to assist barristers and staff (who for the purposes of this policy include both clerks and other members of staff who are not clerks) to achieve best practice in this regard. It has been drafted by senior clerks, with some additional input from chancery practitioners.

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