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Wellbeing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has the potential to have a profound effect on the wellbeing of barristers, clerks and staff in chambers. First and foremost, the spread of the virus has prompted understandable anxiety, both for those who are worried that they may get it themselves, and in terms of worries about the potential for family members and friends to catch it, especially those who are the most vulnerable. This has been coupled with a dramatic and very sudden change to the way in which we all live our lives. For good reason, the confines of our world have shrunk with people being restricted to far less social contact than they would normally enjoy, and with little potential to enjoy time outside the home. Furthermore, in a period of a few weeks, profound changes have had to be made to working culture at the Bar. Barristers and staff are now working from home when they may not have been used to this before, and often are having to juggle childcare responsibilities at the same time. Added to this, there is serious concern about the financial impact which the current public health crisis may have for both barristers and staff.

Please click here for our top tips for keeping up your wellbeing during these challenging times. These will be added to periodically, so do come back.