CLIPS - Chancery Bar Litigant in Person Support Scheme

On 4 December 2013, the Chancery Bar Association, in collaboration with the Bar Pro Bono Unit and the RCJ Advice Bureau, launched the Chancery Bar Litigant in Person Support Scheme (“CLIPS”). CLIPS has the support of the Chancellor and the Judges of the Chancery Division, and is also supported by the Personal Support Unit and LawWorks.  It aims to provide “on the day” advice and representation for litigants in person in the Interim Applications Court.  The scheme is intended to assist litigants in presenting their cases to the court, while at the same time assisting the Interim Applications Judge to serve the interests of justice. In this way, members of the Association can contribute to the Bar’s efforts to ensure that access to justice is not hampered by an individual’s financial means.

Members of the Association with post-pupillage Chancery experience are invited to volunteer to be on duty for a day at a time. The RCJ Advice Bureau may in some cases make papers available to the barrister the day before the hearing, but in most cases the volunteer will simply be available outside Court 10 in the Rolls Building, between 10 and 11 am on the day of the hearing itself, and then on call in chambers until 4.30 pm, in case a litigant requires assistance. The volunteer will provide such advice as is possible in the immediate circumstances, and will be ready (if requested and if content it is professionally appropriate) to appear for the litigant at that day’s hearing. The litigant may also receive non-legal support (for example, from the RCJ Advice Bureau or the Personal Support Unit). Where ongoing assistance is required, the volunteer will refer the litigant to the RCJ Advice Bureau: the volunteer’s own commitment is limited to the day in question.

The Committee commends CLIPS to the Association’s members: it is an excellent opportunity to use our expertise to promote access to justice for all.

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