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The ChBA is developing this list of resources further, and would greatly welcome your own examples and feedback.  This is our list of resources to date:

e.g. Maitland Chambers or Hardwicke

  • Lakhraj Minhas has kindly compiled the following further resources for the ChBA:
    • Making the business case One of the biggest challenges to developing CSR programme is getting sufficient buy-in from your colleagues and especially senior level buy-in.  Here is a really useful business case developed by the Legal Sustainability Alliance.
    • Environmental sustainability The Legal Sustainability Alliance is a free membership network of legal firms and organisations working collaboratively to improve the environmental sustainability of their operations and activities.
    • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion schemes for the legal sector Many law firms partner with existing charities and social enterprises who work in the area of ‘widening access to the profession’ to raise aspiration amongst young people, increase diversity into the profession through mentoring, work experience, running workshops & presenting at career’s days.  Examples include:
      • PRIME work experience for diverse students
      • Urban Lawyers making law more accessible to marginalised groups in society
      • Aspiring Solicitors advise aspiring solicitors on getting into the profession and advocate on making law more diverse
    • Impact measurement GivX is a free simple tool used by companies engaging in pro-bono and community giving to measure their impact so they can communicate it to their stakeholders.  Law firms were listed in the top ten community investors in 2017.
    • Volunteering Career Volunteer offer support to find rewarding trustee positions for your senior staff members.