Mentoring Scheme

Most of us, at some time or other in our professional careers, feel the need to talk to somebody who can offer advice and the benefit of their experience. Often, there may be someone in Chambers, or a former pupil supervisor, who can fulfil that role. At other times, those people may not be appropriate.  This is when a Mentor – an informed, objective and supportive professional who is outside your immediate workplace – can provide a sympathetic ear and impartial guidance on how you might achieve your career goals.

Mentoring has become a widely used way of managing talent in many areas of business, industry and the professions, from supporting graduates and newly qualified individuals to people in mid-career and those who are taking up demanding senior positions.

The Chancery Bar Association has established its own mentoring scheme, building a resource bank of members practising at senior levels who will act as Mentors, with the aim of providing a support and advice network open to all members of the Association.