The Chancery Bar Association is represented on the Bar Council and various Court User Committees.  The ChBA is represented by the members identified below.

Bar Council: Rory Brown

Bar Council's Legal Services Committee: Andrew Twigger KC (Chair).

Bar Council's Wellbeing Committee: Gary Blaker KC

Central London Chancery Court Users’ Committee members: Richard Fowler.

Chancery Division Court Users’ Committee: Andrew Twigger KC and Ian Clarke KC

Chancery Liaison Committee: Andrew Twigger KC and Ian Clarke KC

Disclosure Working Party: Lesley Anderson KC.

Insolvency Court Users’ Committee: Stephen Davies KC, Glen Davis KC, Rebecca Stubbs KC and Catherine Addy KC.

Court of Protection Users' Committee: David Rees KC.

Financial List Court Users' Committee: Rebecca Stubbs KC.

JAC Advisory Group:  Angharad Start.

Supreme Court and Privy Council Users’ Group: Jonathan Crow KC.