Membership of Sub-Committees

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Academic Liaison
Joseph Curl (Chair), Gemma de Cordova, Rosanna Foskett, Andrew de Mestre, Joseph Ollech, and Dr Stephen Watterson.

Annual Conference 2019
Andrew de Mestre (Chair), Richard Dew, Joseph Curl, Nicole Langlois, Louisa Nye, Hermione Williams and Francesca Compton.

Consultation Responses
Andrew Twigger QC (Chair), Alexander Learmonth and Richard Dew.

Education and Training
Fenner Moeran QC (Chair), Ian Clarke QC, Jonathan Hilliard QC, Zoe Barton, Will East, Tom Robinson, Anthony Pavlovich, Francesca Compton.

Equality and Diversity
Marcia Shekerdemian QC (Chair), David Drake, Gemma De Cordova, Ruth Hughes, Tina Kyriakides, Eleanor Holland, Jonathan Hilliard QC, Mark Mullen, Sam O'Leary, Nicola Rushton, Jamie Sutherland, Rosanna Foskett, Elizabeth Houghton and Peter de Verneuil Smith.

Michael Gibbon QC (Chair), Michael Todd QC, Anna Markham, Matthew Morrison, Rory Brown, Oliver Phillips, Grace Cheng, Francesca Compton.

GDPR Eason Rajah QC (Chair), Amanda Hardy QC, Andrew Twigger QC, Oliver Marre, Anthony Pavlovich and Francesca Compton.

Publications and Website
Oliver Marre (Chair), Katherine McQuail, Harriet Holmes, Francesca Compton.

Pro Bono
Lesley Anderson QC (Chair), Penelope Reed QC, Christopher Heather QC, Chris Boardman, Joseph Curl, Helen Evans, Zachary Bredemear, Eleanor Holland, Georgina Peters, Rahul Varma, Sarah Clarke and Matthew Morrison.

Well-being and social responsibility Amanda Hardy QC (Chair), Charlotte May QC, William East and Laurie Scher.

The Chairman and Vice-Chairman are members of each Sub-Committee ex officio.