Advocacy in Foreign Jurisdictions

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Members of the Chancery Bar Association are specialist advocates or trial lawyers.  They represent clients in cases heard by courts and tribunals in any jurisdiction where they have rights of audience.

In England and Wales, they represent clients before the civil courts and tribunals at all levels from the County Court to the High Court, the First Tier Tribunal to the Upper Tribunal, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.  The standards of advocacy in these courts and tribunals are amongst the best in the world.  That means our members are uniquely placed to succeed as advocates in foreign jurisdictions.  In many jurisdictions our members are able to obtain the necessary rights of audience whereas, in others, it is possible for them to provide a supporting role to the local advocate.

English law has over the years sought to promote the use of alternative methods of resolving disputes, such as mediation and arbitration.  Our members are frequently instructed either as the mediator or arbitrator, or to represent one of the parties at the mediation or arbitration.

Finally, given their expertise, Chancery barristers are often called upon to give expert evidence as to English law in overseas courts and tribunals.

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